Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner when you are Dating

Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner

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The word intimacy groups a wide spectrum of aspects from Emotional Intimacy to physical Intimacy. Even though the couple is emotionally intimate, some  physical intimacy(like kissing, hugging, cuddling) is important to express the affection between the couple. Intimate relationship automatically demands for ­­transparency and closeness between them. It automatically starts to build when you get that connect with someone you really like. It doesn’t happen all of a sudden and takes its own time to deepen its roots. When you try to be the person you want your partner to be, the you can expect the same from your partner.

When a couple wants to attain mutual trust between them in the long run, they should know each other very well. Like their interests, or some unique talent, their values of life, etc. Only when they know each other well, they can accept themselves wholeheartedly. To know more about your loved one, you should put some genuine efforts like trying to understand their likes and dislikes by closely observing them or you can try to communicate with them effectively.

The more you try to know about your partner, the stronger will be your relationship. Here we have discussed some of the important Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner. Every individual has different values and opinions. By nature, a girl’s perspective of life is entirely different from a guy’s perspective. A girl may not find a topic relevant  that is primarily important for a guy. So, a girl’s expectations from her man differs from a guy’s expectation from his girl. That is why we have grouped the questions separately for both the genders.

Intimate Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend:

Every girl longs for an understanding partner. A girl really loves when she always gets the attention from her partner. She doesn’t like when he hide something from her. she wants you to listen to her when she speaks. . If you want to understand your girlfriend more, read further the following Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner. Girls would cherish their relationship when they feel so secure about it. She would feel safe and secure only when she believes that their partner is trustworthy.

1.What was the first thing which came to your mind when you met me?

2.Which thing you think that you like the most about me?

3.why do you think that I am so special to you?

4.Do you feel cared enough in our relationship?

5.What is your favorite incident to remember in our relationship?

6.What do you think is the best way of showing love and affection?

7.What kind of compliments from me excites you more?

8.How and where do you like to be touched?

9.Is our relationship physical enough for you?

10.What can we do something outside the bedroom to hold the feeling of intimacy throughout the day?

You can start by asking about the initial stages of your love, because it reminds the sweetness of your honeymoon phase. The small incidents (like your first kiss) which happened in the starting stage of your love will be unforgettable for all the couples. Small remembrance of it makes you feel so special when you hear it from your partner. Secondly, you can ask questions to know more about what he likes which eventually teaches you what all the things he doesn’t like. When you make her feel comfortable so that she will share everything with you.

You can also ask him like do you feel cared, loved, etc  to ensure how he feels about you relationship. This is important because you should know how feels about you. Once you feel confident about all these stuffs, you can ask about his preferences on Sexual intimacy. This would spice up your mood and increases your closeness. Also, it will give you an idea of his values in life, you will get to know about his character, preferences etc.

Intimate Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend:

Guys usually don’t like when you always want them to cling onto you. He would love it when you give some space for them to hangout with their friends. He knows girls throw tantrums, but it has to be within the limits. Because, he may get bored of pacifying you often. He is very protective about his girl. Generally most guys expresses their affection physically by hugs and kisses. Bunch of Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner are given below to understand and get closer with your boyfriend. The questions can range from the incidents in the beginning of your relationship to all the way physical.

1.Which particular perfume do you like on me?

2.Why do you think I am attractive to you?

3.What was your first impression of me during our first date?

4.What qualities of mine make me special to you?

5.Do you feel loved enough?

6.If I give you the chance of touching a part of my body, where will you?

7.which incident made you realize that you are really in love with me?

8.How do you describe me to your friends?

9.How often you like for us to be intimate?

10.What do you miss the most about me now?

Guys never wants to miss a girl who make him feel so special throughout the relationship. Though most guys gets irritated with the dominant behavior of girls, but when he genuinely loves you, then your bossy attitude fades out for him.  He secretly start to love that bossy behavior.  Make him realize that you are you lucky to have him. You can ask questions based on emotional attraction and physical attraction. For example start from how he felt initially when you guys met and did it change over the timeline?.

The emotional intimacy plays a vital role in a happy relationship. However most couple misunderstood the word only for physical intimacy, a strong emotional connect between the couple takes them the long way. Emotional connection builds when you understand your partner’s thoughts. Like, how his way of thinking is, how he reacts to a situation, his values and morals in life, how he pictures his future, etc. Whereas physical intimacy strengthens the bonding and increases the closeness between the couple.

The importance of intimacy in a relationship is so vital to discuss and these Intimate Questions to ask your partner will give that spark. Because, the lack of intimacy is the main cause of anger issues, feeling of loneliness, etc. when a couple is not intimate enough, they don’t feel secure about that relationship. Intimacy serves as a way for couples to travel in the long path of life peacefully, especially during their toughest times. It mainly vanishes the hesitancy between the couple. In order to fulfill the human’s basic needs of which they long for, intimacy is needed in a relationship, which in turn blooms as an ever-lasting safe and secure bonding between you and your partner.

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