Health Precautions You Must Take When Indulging in Casual Sex Relationships

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Casual relationships can be refreshing as they are sans any baggage and you get to meet new people every time. However, they also come with their share of troubles too. Conflicts with former partners, health factors are some problems you must deal with. Among these, one primary concern is sexually transmitted diseases, the risk of which grows manifolds when you have multiple sexual partners. Does that mean you can never have more than one partner? With the right measures and practices, you can ensure your health is optimal and such troubles are sorted once and for all. Read on to know all about them.

Getting checked for STDs occasionally

Having multiple sexual partners means the chances of contracting STD grows manifold. The best way to ensure that does not happen is to periodically get tested for STDs. Ideally you should get tested for STDs every three months depending on how frequently you indulge with different partners.

Being open about STDs with partners

A great way to avoid STDs is ensuring your sexual partners are clean too. Keep an open discussion with them about your views about such diseases. Also have a clear discussion that you are expecting the partner to get tested before you indulge in any sex activities. This may seem extreme but in the long run it will keep you and your partners safe from any kind of STDs. You can learn more about breaching such topics safely by following PSE Sex.

Using condoms

The most obvious, simple and effective option is to use condoms with all your partners in a sex relationships. No matter what, never ignore using this small precaution which will go a long way. Most sexual diseases are transferred through exchange of body fluids. Using a condom acts as a barrier and prevents such exchange. Also make sure the condom is high-quality and does not have leaks. Also do not use expired condoms and invest in products from a reputed brand.

Maintaining personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is the key to keeping away sexual diseases in every way possible. You may get STDs even without indulging in any casual flings due to lack of hygiene. Here are few things you can do to avoid contracting sexual diseases at all:

  • Use a quality pH balanced gentle wash for your private parts and use it daily.
  • Ensure all undergarments are rinsed and given a final wash using anti-bacterial liquid every day.
  • Change pillow cases and bedsheets at least once every two weeks.
  • Do not indulge in unconventional sexual acts like anal sex without using condoms.
  • Always wash the genital area thoroughly after intercourse.

Choosing partners carefully

Last but not the least is being choosy about your sexual partners. When you are selective about your partners, you not only ensure quality conversation and time but can also avoid the sexually transmitted diseases. It is better to have a couple of dates with the person before you engage in any sex relationships. Understand about their past relationships and partners. Also try to decipher their view on sex relationships and diseases. This would help you filter the best suited partners and find someone who is equally serious about their sexual health and would not compromise it under any circumstances.

Maintaining the above-mentioned habits can ensure you enjoy a healthy sexual life without worrying about the consequences of multiple partners. The key is to have an open mind about sexually transmitted diseases and taking the necessary precautions about them. This will ensure your hook-ups and flings never have a long term impact on your health- physical, emotional or psychological.

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