1- Can visitors post articles on sexycrush?

Answer– Yes, you are more than welcome to post articles related to the categories present on the website. However, it is up to us to decide if any links will be allowed inside the article. We might just post them without any links, so reach out to us before posting any articles if there is any doubts.

2- How to reach out to the team if I have any objection with any content?

Answer– We thrive to get your feedback and any feedback related to the content we post is more than welcome. Either fill up the contact us form on the website or send an email to sexycrushca@gmail.com with your feedback. One of the team member will reach out to you at the earliest possible.

3- Advertisement on the website?

Answer– If you wish to advertise through sexycrush, fill up the contact us form with all the possible details or send an email to sexycrushca@gmail.com. We will reach out to you after looking at your details.