How to know if your crush has started liking you?

crush has started liking you

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We’ve all been in a phase where we liked someone but weren’t sure if they liked us back. How would you proceed in such a situation? Here are a few signs that will help you know that your crush has started liking you too.

  • They look at you more often

If your crush starts liking you back, one of the first things you will notice is that they have started looking at you more. They will initiate eye contact. If you share the same work space or are in the same college, you might see them trying to catch glances of you, or trying to pass by you more often. This is a guaranteed sign that they have started liking you back.

  • They try to interact with you on social media

Your crush might look for chances to interact with you more on social media. Assuming they are as shy as you are and haven’t been able to express openly, their behaviour on social media is a great indicator of their feelings. Maybe they reply to your posts more, they send you memes or comment on your pictures or simply like them too often. Or maybe they have tried finding you on Ukraine Date site. All these would mean they are actually trying to strike a conversation but aren’t sure how to go about it. That would be your cue to take things forward.

  • They give subtle hints

Have you heard them talking about you to someone else? Are they constantly around you or bumping into you too often? Then they might be into you. If your crush seems to have developed a liking for you, you need to pay attention to their subtle hints. Are they looking for chances to talk to you? Are you trying to get close to you? Do they constantly occupy a seat near you? Do you see them way too often than before? Then rest assured, the feelings are mutual, but they are hesitant of being open. Maybe you could start dropping a few of these hints back too to give them a green signal.

  • Their body language changes around you

When someone likes you, they start behaving differently around you. The next time you see your crush, you can notice their body language. They will lean towards you while talking, maintain longer eye contact. They will be touching their hair more too. It is also possible that they start fidgeting when they are around you. Maybe they are nervous or don’t know how to catch your attention; or maybe they haven’t figured out how to handle your attention, and that makes them nervous. If they are all smiles around you or seem to giggle a lot more, it might mean that they are happier to be around you and that could be a strong sign too.

All these signs and hints may be possible, but it still could just mean that they only want to be friends or enjoy your company. It is best to be clear and make sure there is no misunderstanding. Proceeding too fast too soon might spoil a healthy friendship, so make sure you give them ample time to figure their own feelings out before you expose them to your own.

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