Factors to consider for dating a girl in Canada

dating a girl in Canada

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Are you trying to woo a Canadian girl? Well, good on you for such an amazing choice. Canadians are some of the most easy-going, well-mannered and dateable girls on this planet. But hold up there. They’re a ‘handle with care’ bunch and today we are going to tell you a few factors that you need to consider to dating a girl in Canada. Ready for some advice, then? Let’s begin.

  • Seasonal daters

For more info on Guide to Canada’s hot girls, you need to know that Canadians prefer dating during the colder months, especially from September to March. And this could actually be to keep their heater bills from blowing a hole in their pockets. The best way to warm up during a cold Canadian night is to cuddle with someone you love. On the other hand, during the warmer months from May to August, people are less keen on finding partners and prefer enjoying the summers alone. That’s a big factor to consider when you start dating. Your girl might not be very touchy-feely during summer and you’ll just have to accept it.

  • Outdoorsy people

Dating a girl in Canada requires stamina. Given Canada’s geographical location and natural beauty, its no wonder that Canadians are naturally outdoorsy. If you have a Canadian girlfriend, then it might come as no surprise that she does not like staying indoor and is likely to pull you out every weekend for a trek, hike or just a run outdoors. They love sports and hockey is their absolute favourite. So, we hope you’re not a couch potato, because that’ll just make you an oddball in Canada.

  • Chill people, quite literally

Canadian girls are super chill, not just figuratively, but quite literally too. They take things in their stride and aren’t easily worked up. For someone staying in such extreme cold weather, not being chilled isn’t an option. So, in case you’re hot tempered or expecting a feisty or aggressive kind of girl, maybe a Canadian chick isn’t really for you. They’re okay with everything and are super adjusting to different situations. After all, for someone who regularly has to deal with randomly cancelled classes due to bad weather, adjusting to expected scenarios is quite a regular thing.

  • Politeness is their middle name

Canadians are super polite people. Very down-to-earth and humble, these cuties will even reject you in a polite and soft spoke way, that’s actually likely to make you fall more in love with them. Known for their outstanding manners, Canadians never disrespect anyone. And so, as a potential dater, you also need to brush up on your etiquettes and politeness before approaching a Canadian girl.

  • Beard-lovers

Have you recently clean shaved? We hope not. Because Canadian girls are the OG beard lovers, and not just because it is a fashion statement. In Canada, it is just practical for men to keep a long and thick, bushy beard. Who needs a scarf when you have a natural neck warmer especially during the winter months. Go on and grow that bushy beard now because winter is approaching and you’ll need all the charm you can get to woo a Canadian.

  • Old-school romantics

Canadian girls like to be treated the old school way. They’re all in for the cheesy love letters, occasional gifts and regular flowers. If you’re looking to impress one, then make sure to court her well. The gifts don’t need to be super expensive or extravagant, but thoughtful is the vibe Canadians look for. So, make sure to buy that bouquet the next time you’re going on a date.

In conclusion, you don’t need much to date a Canadian girl, except, honesty, genuineness and a whole lot of love to offer. Wish you all the best! And Happy dating!

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