5 Things you need to avoid while dating in Russia

dating in russia

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Dating is one of the best ways to find a potential life partner. This is why courtship and dating came into existence. It was a way to get to know potential spouses before sealing the deal with marriage. Today dating has various reasons, although the search for a partner is one of the major reasons still. Through a date, one can get to know the other, spend time and get some idea if you “click” or not. Dating is still necessary today because nothing can be an alternative for meeting a person face to face. It creates an unambiguous context about what two people are interested in. Dating in Russia is the same as any other place, but also slightly different. These differences are common due to culture. So, if you are interested in Russian dating, here are five things you need to avoid.

Family talk

Russians may have a family structure that is unknown to you. There may be relatives – cousins, aunts and uncles – all unrelated, but still considered as a family. There isn’t a nuclear family structure with obvious blood relationship. So don’t ask uncomfortable questions about family or make fun of it on the first few dates itself. They say that when dating a Russian, one mustn’t joke about relationships or the person’s family. This is personal and the joke will not be appreciated.

Bad manners

Looking for a date is easier when you try apps or a free Russian dating website. Finding a date may not be difficult, but if you are not a Russian, then understanding the expectations may be hard. Practice good manners when out in public and be nice to the woman. Opening the door, pulling out the chair or carrying something for her will always be a positive. Russian women expect chivalry and yes, it is the old-world chivalry that they are looking for. It is simply the culture that exists there and they like a man who can do that.


In the modern world, men and women are expected to split the bill when out on dates. But in Russia, going Dutch isn’t the best. Women in Russia still expect a man to treat them by paying the whole amount. So, if you are inviting them to a restaurant or café, you need to let her order what she wants and then foot the bill. If you ask for splitting the bill, then it is usually looked down upon.

Being late

Be on time always, if you are meeting a Russian woman on a date. Being late is not appreciated by these ladies. As a gentleman, you are expected to arrive on time. However, if you are late due to unavoidable circumstances, that can be understood. However, if you are late for silly reasons, then your date is going down the hill.


Russian women are practical and you mustn’t construe that as being rude. Of course, anyone would love it if you spend money on them or treat them to lavish things. Dating in Russia doesn’t always happen for money and you mustn’t think that you will impress anyone with money.

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