7 best ways to propose your partner in 2021

ways to propose your partner

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After you have realized that you found love, it’s time to propose. Proposing is a memorable moment in a lifetime. It is pretty normal to feel nervous about the proposal. So put some extra effort to make it a special memorable event. If you have been surfing about the unique ways to propose, you can find some interesting ways to propose your partner here. Decide whether you want to propose elaborately in front of your family or alone in a quiet romantic environment.

You can’t relate yourself to usual proposal methods like, on the knees with red roses and chocolates? Don’t panic. This is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Do whichever is working out for you. Depending upon how much you know your partner, you must have guessed their taste. They may like a calm moment or a lavish event. No matter in what way you propose, but the situation is filled with overflowing emotions from both sides.

Go cute

Every girl loves cute proposals. Make use of your pet or a child. People make use of their puppies in several ways. Dogs help their father to propose. You can put a sign around your dog’s neck. You can click a picture of your puppy with a “marry me” tag and send it to your partner. That sweet furry face melts your girl’s heart. Gift her with a cutest puppy, it absolutely stuns her.

On the hilltop

You can nail the proposal by taking her to a destination you both love. Scenic places with those eye-catching environments will never go wrong. You can choose any hilltop or mountainous areas where you can stay far from the crowd in this pandemic time. During the hike, you can take a break in the middle to propose to her. That monumental gesture during a skiing trip with a white snowy backdrop creates a fantabulous memory.

Make her feel unique

If you are going to propose to your girl and waiting for a perfect day, make use of her birthday. Make all the necessary arrangements perfectly to surprise her with a ring. You can choose a ring from an exotic collection of Black diamond engagement rings. Instead of normal white diamonds, the black diamond symbolizes how unique she is. It will make her feel how strong your bond is. During the birthday surprise just get down on your knees and propose to her with unique black diamond rings.

Paris Proposal

If you want to propose to her in the most romantic place, the answer is Paris. It has a multitude of phenomenal places that works out best for proposing to your girl in an incredibly romantic way. Whichever type of proposal you want, Paris has it all. So, make a well-planned trip to Paris to get her “yes”. That’s one of the out of the box ways to propose your partner.

Take her to the sky

If you are not a minimalist, plan a most special lavish trip in a helicopter or plane skydiving and propose to her in the sky. Hire a skywriting professional and write what you need to tell your partner to give her the real “on cloud nine” moment. This epic proposal makes her emotional (in a very positive way).

At the restaurant

Is your partner a foodie? Go ahead and plan a dinner date. You can plan in a good restaurant with romantic arrangements. People choose to propose before or after dinner based on their preference. If you are planning to propose after dinner, you can move to a private place after food rather than proposing in a crowd.  You can impress her by cooking a meal for your partner, this gives a personalized touch.

Scavenger hunt

To make your proposal more fun and unforgettable, a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt is one of the best ways. Make it as your partner travels through important places and people in your relationship and finally, they should get to the diamond ring with you down on one knee.

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