How to Know the Real Identity of a Person You Met Online

to know the real identity of a person

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Online hookup is nowadays a trend; many people hook up online and start dating each other. Some people also end up marrying each other. But one should be careful and eager to know the real identity of a person when they meet strangers on the internet. It is quite obvious for safety reasons and also for preventing the time wasters.

Some people on online sites or dating apps never think of meeting anyone in real. You may find many that pretend to be women only to have an endless cyber chat. Well, to know the validity or real identity of a person you met online, here are a few steps that you can follow.

Google is the key

No matter how little you know about the person you are in search of, your hunt should start always from Google. Google is a great tool, only if you know how to make the best use of it. If you are not aware of particular things about the person who is in search for, like his email address, it is good to skip the search hacks and start from plugging in the keywords.

Open and type important things you know about the person in keyword form. For example, ‘andrew california writer greek’. Even if you know about the first name, the keywords related to the marital status, job, school, and location will bring up social networks or other results.

Use Facebook search

If no social networking site pops up in the Google search, you should switch to social networking sites. Facebook is one of the popular social networking sites and is known for its robust search engine. One can start from here.

The people search for Facebook allows you to search for people filling in the search boxes. You can type name, current city, mutual friends, graduate school, and much more. If you are aware of one or two things about the subject, you can narrow down the search and can browse your photo results.

For the fastest results and know the identity of your online dating partner, you can also hire a private investigator that can help you find the truth.

Make contacts

The individual data points never mean anything unless this can be connected to other points of data for making an online presence. Once you attain various facts about your subject, you can use your brain to make contacts and for filling in the blanks. For say, if you are aware of job title, subject name, location, and then you can find their LinkedIn profile.

On the LinkedIn profile, you can find out their listed undergraduate degree, as when they graduated from college. This can also help you to find out their age.

Keep in mind, people are not creative

If you have found someone’s email address, twitter account, or YouTube profile, this may hit gold. People are not very creative when they mix up usernames; this clearly states that they have recycled their usernames many times.

Begin by plugging the usernames into Google, but also look out through forums like Reddit, posts, a blog for old comments.


Many people recycle usernames, passwords, and social media pictures. Get a profile picture from a Twitter account, Facebook, and plug the same in a reverse image lookup like TinEye. It will scan the picture and will display back all other images which it finds on the internet. This is the best way of finding out the real social media profiles.

You can also make use of Google images for searching for reverse images by visiting Google images, clicking on the camera icon in the search box, and uploading the picture that you wish to search.


So if you are the one who is doubtful about someone that you met online and want to know the real identity of a person, then try following the above-mentioned hacks and get your answer.

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