5 Things that Men Find Attractive in a Woman

men find attractive in a woman

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The attraction is the first thing that happens between two people when they are trying to get into a relationship or when they eventually end up falling in love with each other. It can happen during different times and instances and majorly depends on an individual and his preferences. But looking at the behavioral traits and nature of the men, it can be deduced that there are certain common elements that men find alluring in a woman. So, here are some of the things that men find attractive in a woman to drive them crazy and fall in love with her during later stages –

Genuine Smile

This is the first thing that a man sees in a woman and is obviously downright visible in most of the cases. Nothing is more attractive for a man than a woman who showcases a genuine and true smile. It is said that a true smile makes your eyes shine brighter and shows a certain level of honesty in them. It can very well be differentiated from a fake one and hence honesty must be seen by a man in a woman during their first few meetings. It is one of the strong indications of the woman being true, genuine, and honest which is very attractive and engaging for a man.

Dressing sense

This is one of the first things that men happen to notice in a woman after their smile. A good and right fit of dressing sense makes it very appealing to the eyes and is an instant attraction for a man. This is one of the reasons why women with a good dressing sense and strong visual appeal are more likely to captivate a man than a woman who does not focus or give importance to the ways she presents herself. This does not imply that a presentable woman will always be attractive for man but rather it is just one of the factors that never go unnoticed by a man.

Body language

This is one of the least known facts and neglected aspect, but which holds a very strong place in creating a lasting impression in a man’s mind for you. A confident and strong body language is often perceived to be very powerful and intimidating by men which makes a woman seem very mysterious and attractive for them. Men are often driven by curiosity and a strong body language is a sign that a woman is independent and self-sufficient which is an additional factor that doesn’t go unnoticed without creating a lasting impression in a man’s mind.

Sense of humor

Sarcasm and a good sense of humor is an instant pulling factor for men towards women. It is a rarity to notice a woman who has a strong sense of humor and that is what makes it even more desirable and attractive for a man. This is one of the most important aspects that men find attractive in a woman which also serves the basis for their relationship ahead. Example, talking about your plan to visit exciting travel places in the future can keep the conversation going.


It is rare to observe and notice mature people and it is even more difficult to judge someone based on their actions about their maturity. But it can still be comprehended through their body language, the way they talk and from their views about different things. A good conversation can certainly reveal the level of maturity that a person possesses and can be a good indicator of what the person thinks. A mature woman is very enticing and fascinating for a man because deep down they always desire for someone to understand them.

These are some of the positive things that can lead to long lasting relationships if the foundation of a bond is based on it.

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