How WFH Helped Single Men to Enjoy Their Sex Life?

how WFH helped single men

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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has redefined work culture all over the world. We can now work from home and hence enjoy a better work life balance. We have more time for our hobbies and family. Especially for single people, it’s a boon as they can meet people more for dating. When asked how WFH helped single men, most agreed unanimously that it improved their sex life. They can meet more women and even ask them to come over and not feel too tired for sex even during weekdays.

Let us dig deeper into how the work from home culture have improved sex lives for millions of men all over the world.

They have more time

Work from home let men have more time for themselves. Even during working hours, they are able to focus better and give more productivity in less time. This means, they are able to make the most of the office hours and have the rest of the day entirely to themselves. The travel time is also cut down, letting them enjoy their time doing other things they love. They can ask their partner over anytime they want and get intimate since they have enough time to spare.

Their stamina is improved

Most men who are working from home when asked how WFH helped single men agree that their stamina has improved. This is because they have ample free time to exercise, hit the gym and stay fit. Moreover, they can get better sleep and are less exhausted since they no longer need to travel around. All these together have improved their stamina greatly and they feel rejuvenated as they enjoy the company of their partners. They are also able to perform better for the same reason during sex.

Men feel less stressed

Men suffer from many stresses due to work pressure which indirectly impact their sex life. As a result, many men fall victim to performance pressure as well. It is a vicious cycle. Work from home has let them break this cycle and enjoy every minute of the sex wholeheartedly. Work is completed within the stipulated office hours so they can easily keep all worries at bay regarding work. They can completely focus on satisfying the women they are with and make the entire experience wholesome for both of them.

They have more time for self-pleasing

Even if they cannot find a sexual partner, they always have the option for self-pleasing. It gets much easier since now they have more time to indulge in activities like porn, sex chat and so on. One of such sites which got more coverage was They are also not too exhausted from the days’ work to pass out asleep as they please themselves. All these together have made men enjoy their work life balance more than ever before. The key is the excess time they are getting for themselves, courtesy to the new methods of working.

They can plan work around their personal life

Earlier, we have to plan our lives according to our work hours. Since it was a strict at-office environment, all personal plans revolved around it. Today, work from home let one have flexible hours and hence there are lot more possibilities. Men can plan their day as per their personal appointment and do their office at some other time. This is however, variable based on where you work and what they allow.

One can rightly say, though the pandemic has taken away a lot of things, it can give new perspective to many other aspects of our lives and made them better.

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