5 Main Red Flags in Dating

red flags in dating

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Red flags are the warning signs that you need to look out for when taking any sort of interest in a person. People always show us who they are in the first few meetings. We choose to avoid it and these small flags later end up being big problems in relationships. Today we are going to talk about 5 main red flags in dating that you should be weary of.

1. Inconsistent behavior

Consistency is the foundation of building trust. If a person is behaving warm one day and cold the other; if they are being too caring today and acting distant tomorrow, then it is a red flag. This behavior usually means that they are acting according to their whims and fancies and probably are not thinking of the mixed signals they might be giving out to you in the process. This tendency can be safely called quite selfish, and it is better to not indulge such a person further.

2. Lack of trust

There simply cannot be any peace in a relationship without trust. If you see that they are unable to trust you, then it leads to a weak foundation of the relationship. Being unable to trust, having a doubting nature and being suspicious of one’s partner are major red flags in dating. If you see even a hint of any of these in the person you’re dating, just leave. Lack of trust reflects the person’s own emotional trauma, possibly from a previous relationship or maybe just a part of their personality. Either way, it is not good for you. If you watch sextapes during intimacy not bad, but you might risk your life if your partner creates one right?

3. Commitment phobia

Commitment phobia is probably the most common red flag we all have heard of. If you’re with a person tat just can’t get themselves to commit even after years of dating, then they might not be the right one for you. Commitment phobia is an indication of fear of responsibilities and permanency. Such people cannot be expected to be loyal or even stand up for you when you need them. They are unreliable and not bankable. Also, why would you want to be with someone who can’t commit? A major wake up call in your relationship.

4. Co-dependency

We have seen 3 negative red flags in dating till now, but there are also positive red flags. Positive red flag in simple words means too much of a good thing is bad too. One of them is co-dependency. Some people tend to feel incomplete without a partner. When they start dating, they look at their partner as someone who is supposed to complete them, to make them whole. While this might seem very romantic and novel-like, it isn’t healthy. These people end up depending too much on their partners for emotional and mental support. They how signs of being emotionally vulnerable and are often a burden on the partner. This can be overwhelming and tiresome, not to mention it isn’t a desirable trait to look for in a long-term partner.

5. Too much too soon

The next positive red flag is too much too soon. We all know that one person who falls head over heels in love way too soon. They probably just met a person and are already imagining a dream wedding, discussing kids and home interiors with them. If you’re dating such a person, then maybe its time to stop and think. People with the too much too soon mentality tend to bombard their partner with love, hope, expectations, emotions, and their own dreams. It’s like being made to drink a bucket of water when you only asked for a sip. That can be scary and might make the other person want to back out fearing crazy obsession. That’s a sign your relationship is in danger.

Final Thoughts

When in love, people often tend to ignore these red flags as they are looking at their partner through rose-tinted glasses. But these same issues that they ignore end up being the reason for break-ups later. So, it is best to be aware, alert, and practical right from the beginning, so you don’t end up wasting your time on the wrong kind.

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