5 Reasons Why you Should Have Good Sex

why you should have good sex

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Honestly, no one is really looking for reasons to have sex. In fact, it is probably the only thing in the world that people do without a reason. With the right partner and a good compatibility in bed, sex may actually give you a few minutes in heaven. There’s all kinds of sex ranging from bad to mediocre, to great. Here we only talk in superlatives, so let’s first get a glimpse of what ‘good sex’ constitutes of and why you should have good sex.

  • Good sex is letting go of your inhibitions and being absolutely comfortable in your own naked skin.
  • Being responsive to your partner’s needs in bed. They say focussing on your partner’s pleasure often results in your pleasure. But if you’re obsessed with only your orgasms, then it might start feeling like a drag.
  • Good sex is all about connection. It is more than just wham, bam, and thank you ma’am.
  • Exploring new things. Sex can get monotonous after a while and it is necessary to get experimental and creative to keep the spark alive.

Sex may be the primitive and quite essential need of man (and other species) but if you’re missing out on it for some reason, here we still have 5 amazing reasons why you should have good sex.

Great stress buster

Endorphins are also known as the happy hormones. They change our mood, get rid of depression and help to reduce stress in our mind and bodies. Having sex produces a lot of endorphins when one orgasms, which leaves us feeling good, relaxed and happy afterwards. It is one of the most fool-proof ways to reduce stress and almost used as an un-prescribed medication by people. It helps to get rid of any tension or stresses that one might be facing in life currently and helps to refresh and re-energize.

Burns calories

Sex is great exercise. It might not be a full-fledged workout, but it sure has the same effects more or less as a good cardio. It gets your heart rate up and works out so many muscle groups. On an average men burn 4 calories and women burn 3 per minute while having sex. So you end up burning quite a few calories, and that too the fun way. We’re pretty sure this is one workout no one wants to skip.

Helps to sleep better

Along with endorphins the body also releases oxytocin during an orgasm. It helps to dull any physical pain and since the body is then relaxed, makes you sleep better. In fact many people confess that after a certain age, they have sex mainly to fall asleep instead of pleasure. So it is pretty common knowledge. Although it is the case with both men and women, this effect is seen more prominently in men. So the popular jokes is true after all that men simply turn around and doze off after sex. It is also found that top escort babes play an important role in satisfying kinky desires of men. They provide world-class escorts for most of the fetishes men have.

Linked to better cardiovascular health

Having good sex reduces stress, blood pressure, gives sufficient exercise and gets the pulse going faster. All of these are great for maintaining good cardiovascular health in the long run. Studies have shown that couples who have sex at least twice a week are less likely to have a heart attack. Their life expectancy is also known to increase. So if you’re having sex regularly, you are already fitter than those who are not. Along with your mood, your heart is going to be happy too.

Is fun!

Come on now. Do we really have to spell this out? Sex is fun, sex is thrilling and we don’t need any magazine to vote it the most favourite activity of people all around the world. The best reason to have good, bed-shaking, breath-taking sex is simply to enjoy it. It connects you not just physically but emotionally to the other person while you are in your most vulnerable condition. That itself is the first step to transparency in a relationship.

There are these and several more reasons such as maintaining good mental health, strengthening the bond, getting slimmer, etc. associated with having good sex. But we believe even one is enough to motivate you to get in the sack. So hop in bed and get the ride started.

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