Pro Tips for Flirting With a Girl and Getting Noticed

tips for flirting with a girl

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Wooing the opposite sex take effort and creativity. Especially when you are trying to flirt with a woman, it can get really tricky as women are generally very intuitive. The same tricks does not work twice or even on two different women. You have to constantly improvise to get noticed by the woman you want. The girl will only notice you when you are offering exactly what they want. This is why, it is important to understand the mindset of women well when you are trying to flirt. We have some tried and tested tips for flirting with a girl which will help even the shyest guy to approach a woman confidently.

There is a fine line between flirting and being creepy

Women get attracted to intelligence, chivalry, and sophistication. Thus, while you are flirting, you must maintain a balance with what you say. You should be careful about the words and phrases and jokes you choose. The last thing you want is the woman to think you are creepy because you said a crude joke. There is a fine line between flirting and being downright creepy. You have to learn how to say things that can entice a woman without making your sound too sleazy. Yet, the message you intend to deliver will be received loud and clear.

Keep eye contact

Whenever you are flirting with a woman, you must maintain eye contact. Keeping eye contact is a display of confidence which is adored by women. They are more likely to indulge your flirting when you come off as a quirky and strong personality who is sorted about what they want. Looking away or breaking eye contact is often perceived as a sign of nervousness, especially when you are flirting. To a woman, a nervous man is a major turn off and they are likely to lose interest.

Do not start with sexual innuendos

The most common yet disastrous mistake many men make is opening with a sexual innuendo. If you are a complete stranger to the woman or not on casual and friendly terms, she would get uncomfortable by such remark. It will be considered downright offensive by any woman who is talking to you for the first time. You get 120 free flirt 4 free credits talking online and you must know how to use them wisely. Anything that is a remotely sexual remark is a no-go zone as an opening line.

Avoid controversial remarks

Fat jokes, jokes on women-men conflict, sexual and judgmental jokes objectifying either gender- they may be rather common and often discussed among close friends. But when you are flirting with a woman stranger to you, it is best to avoid such controversial topics. These days, people are much more vocal and aware of issues like fat-shaming, slut-shaming, homophobia, feminism, rights and equality. Any crude remark regarding these topics are enough to permanently put you in a bad light in the eyes of the woman you desire.

Body language is equally important

One of the most important tips for flirting with a girl is regarding your body language. Apart from what you say, your posture and physical aspects also play an influential role. The voice modulation, your overall stance, your hand gestures while you are talking- all these factors affect the perception of the person, sitting across the table. Even if you have killer lines, it would hardly make an impact when you say them with a dead-pan voice.

Flirting in an art that is mastered through practice. So, the best advice is to meet new people and interact as much as you can without being shy.

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