Reasons Why a Short-term Relationship Might be Better for You?

short-term relationship

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When it comes to relationship there are lot of effort and sacrifices involved. There are good days and bad days in every relationship. But not everyone is ready to handle the pressure and responsibilities that come with romance. Hence, some may find it difficult to get a steady partner. Thus, they end up in short-term relationships. That is quite alright as long as you are on the same page as your partner. But how do you know if a short-term relationship is better for you?

Read on to find out what are the factors that indicate you are better off in a short-term relationship than getting committed.

You get bored easily

The most common sign that a commitment is not your cup of tea is that you get bored of anything and everything too quickly. It does not always have to be a relationship. If you tend to get tired of the same things by nature, chances are that it will happen in a relationship too. Eventually you lose the fascination held by a certain person, idea or an object.

You are whimsical

Some people are extremely whimsical for their own good. You tend to lose focus on something too quickly. You are driven more by your whims than reason. When such is the case, you are likely to take very drastic decisions. This can be either while falling in love or out of love. Thus, having a long-term relationship with such a state of mind gets rather tricky.

You always look for the better version

From any object to services and even person- you keep looking for something more, irrespective of what you have. Especially when you are in a relationship and yet temptations like long-term make you forget all about your partner, it is evidence that you are better off on your own. If you are with someone and yet find yourself fancying a more handsome or prettier person across the street, you are not for a long-term relationship. It is best to find someone like minded and enjoy the thrill while it lasts. Sites like provide partners for such short term fun.

You are too set in your ways

Relationships require many adjustments and understandings and even compromises. It will not last if even one of these are absent. But unfortunately, some people are too set in their own ways. They cannot and would not adjust as the situation demands. Thus, it can lead to many conflicts with your partner. If you face similar issues, it is indicative that you must stick to a short-term relationship. It is best for you as well as whoever you are dating.

Being alone do not bother you

People who are too independent to the extent that they enjoy being alone are better off in short term relationships. Since they are so independent, it can often make their partners insecure when they are not on the same page. As a result, the have conflicts occasionally. It can get extremely bitter when you are in a committed and long-term relationship if such issues become too frequent.

You are too busy to date

This is a common problem among millennials. As our lifestyles have become busy, it can get difficult to find time for dating. As a result, many are unable to invest enough time in a relationship. Time is essential for a relationship to bloom. If you cannot spare that, it is best to stick to short flings.

There is nothing wrong in having short affairs. The key is to stay happy and enjoy every moment of the relation while it is exciting.

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