7 Clear Signs Women Drop to Sleep with Men

Clear Signs of Women

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Women are complicated in their own ways. Sometimes, you think you are understanding them while sometimes they take you off the guard. They can take you by surprise completely. Sometimes, you think they are interested in you and you can observe clear signs of women if they want to sleep with you and sometimes it is the opposite.

However, there are certain ways to find out if a woman is interested in sleeping with you or not. Before moving forward it is necessary to confirm all those signs because you do not want to put yourself in an embarrassed or awkward situation.

This is because men are different. They are simpler. They take everything on the face value. It is not the case with women as well. It is always a good idea to be 100 percent sure.


  1. Touching in intimate places

Women have a system. They will touch in intimate places. Also, it is a very bold move. She might make it look like an accident but that is surely a sign for you. If she is touching you purposely, then that is a strong signal for sure. In reflex, always look in her eyes when she is touching you. She will give you a passionate look. If that is the case, then she is surely into you. She can touch your thighs and smile. Even that is a hint that she wants to hook up with you.


  1. Women lick their lips

A woman will bite their lips or lick them. It is a clear sign of women’s and considers an invitation to sleep with you. Just look them in the eye and observe them. She would usually do that and try to seduce you. This will surely spice up your imagination towards them as well. It is a very provocative gesture and hence, you do not need words to confirm that.


  1. Older women can show interest too

Well, passion has no age limit. You can get signs from an older woman too. If you want to get laid, observe and pay attention. There is a chance that an older woman is not satisfied with their sexual lives. You have no idea about their journey. Also, everyone deserves some excitement and fun in their lives. Older women drop signals clearly and boldly. They are quite confident in their skin.


  1. The mention of sex

Women keep mentioning sex in their conversation. If they continuously do that, they definitely want to sleep with you. They leave you with a hint. Hence, try and take the conversation further. Flirt with them and have fun. The conversation might actually lead to sex.


  1. Observe their clothes

Women who want to have sex with you will wear provocative clothes in front of you which can be considered as clear signs of women. Women use clothes and makeup as a way to lure men. Her intention is to show you her sexy figure and fuel your imagination. Try complimenting her and see where it goes.


  1. Women will invite you

A woman will invite you to her place if sex is on her mind. Take the hint and visit her. If she is alone, then she is surely up to something. Make the first move at that time. She will be really glad that you did. Sometimes women are bold enough and they initiate sex as well. In that case, you are surely lucky.


  1. Women whisper in your ears

Women will try to whisper something in your ears just to give you a whiff of their perfume. It will be tough to concentrate on what she is saying at that time. This is their way of luring men. If you feel a connection and intimacy, then it is a strong sign. She will drop an accidental peck on your ears too.


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