How to make a man go crazy in bed

make a man go crazy in bed

In Intimacy by Ankita Kanta,

If you are a woman then this topic can be of help to spice things up and take things over the normal threshold. If you are a man, then you can explore your sexuality further. Bedroom activities or sexual acts are important to feel fulfilled and often act as a happiness boosting act. It isn’t very difficult to make a man go crazy in bed, especially if you find him naked!

Let’s see some tricks to make a man go crazy in bed

Hold him hostage – Hold your man hostage on the bed. Tie him up and tease him before you get into the swing of things. It will make him crazy, crazy hot for you and excite him. Again, do this occasionally as doing it all the time can make it boring as well. New things will add more spice.

Strip tease – Most have been to a strip club, usually with male friends to have fun. But just because they are in a relationship doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the fun. Do a strip tease for him before getting it on. You don’t need to go overboard and get a stripping pole, but stripping to sexy music sometimes can make him hot for a woman.

Hello Kamasutra – Kamasutra is a great sex guide. Some positions are super difficult but some of them can be tried. These new positions can give new meaning to intimacy for you both. Introduce the man to Kamasutra and you will love the way it helps your intimate life.

Massage–Never underestimate the power of a good erotic massage.  A deep tissue massage can bring relief, relaxation and a good sexual connection for both partners. One can make it erotic, based on touching techniques or giving visuals to your man.

Watch each other – Watching each other as you both make love is extremely hot and erotic. Getting visuals to how two naked bodies are pleasuring each other can get anyone excited.

Try other locations– This article is about making a man crazy in bed but try other locations as well. Exhibitionism acts as a stimulant for some and it can be a turn on. Try shower sex or other risqué locations where you will feel the temperatures rise.

Blindfolds–Not being able to see what your partner is going to do to you makes it even hotter. The anticipation builds and final act is much more pleasurable this way. Cover the eyes and each kiss and lick will be ten times more exciting.

Erogenous zones – Men have a p-spot, an erogenous zone, the gland under their bladder. This g-spot is very underutilised. Keep two fingers while riding him or while giving head and you will instantly see results. It is the area between the anus and the testicles. Depending on their reaction you could go to fingering as well.

Kinky acts –Put food on their naked body and eat off of it. This act can be exciting and create anticipation. Each suck and lick while you eat will build pleasure, until both of you can bring it on. Try other acts like those in BDSM or such and see what works for you or what doesn’t.

Dirty Talk – Talk dirty to each other and tell each other about their attractive features and what a woman finds good about the man. Talk about the things you want to do to them and drive them crazy with your words. Reading erotic stories when you are together would also do the magic.

77 –Have heard of 69 but not 77? Don’t worry. This number illustrates what the human bodies look like when a man enters from the side. This allows great penetration and makes for a great sexy time.

Excitement and stimulation is a necessity for good sex. Try new things and experiment to see what makes him happy and satisfied. You will notice satisfaction in his eyes and tone with your acts. Now you can surely make a man go crazy in bed!

Author: Ankita Kanta

Ankita enjoys to pen down harsh realities of relationships and its bitterness from personal experiences. Her work is not just related to it but it diversifies to other niche like travel and hookup experiences.

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