Tips to Say No to Dating Proposal Politely

Say no to Dating Proposal

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Asking someone out for a date is a common urban phenomenon. People find it very easy to try their luck in asking someone who appeals to them. This asking out does not come from thorough emotions of knowing someone but from the idea of spending a little while of happiness with someone interesting. It can either result in a night of fun or may continue for a few weeks if you clarify that you are looking for a short-term non-committed affair. Politely you can Say No to Dating Proposal without hurting anybody. On the other hand, when your intention of asking someone out is for a long-term relationship, getting rejected might be difficult to except.

We often have sympathy for people who get rejected. You feel that they may have deserved better. But the difficulty of rejection is not as difficult as the person who tries to find the most un-offensive way to say no. It is very difficult to decline a date proposal as we have been very careful in avoiding an argument or hard feelings that may cause trouble in the future. This applies especially to women who are often asked out by the most random guy.


So, if you are a woman and wondering how to say no to dating proposal read on;


You have a broken heart
If someone asks you out and you don’t intend to get involved, you can say no to dating proposal by telling them that you just got out of a bad relationship. Your heart is already broken and it will take you some time to get back in control of yourself. This formula works better with a hint of crocodile tears and escaping the conversation dramatically.


You have a boyfriend or a girlfriend
One of the tops used formula when it comes to rejecting someone is by telling them that you have a partner. Telling someone that you are in a committed relationship sets the boundary right and keeps unwanted attention and conversations at bay. Grabbing a random person at the party, claiming for them to be your partner, usually works very well.


You are gay
The best way to immediately stop the asking out conversation is by telling that person that you are gay. This works well at parties and places where you are on your own. This is also considered to be one of the best ways to reject the date proposal nicely.



You might have a terminal sickness
Another savage way to stop the conversation of being asked by someone who is annoying is by lying to him or her that you have a terminal disease. You can tell them that you have a few days to live and would like to do it by yourself rather than being involved with someone you just know. This will bring tears to their eyes and smile on your face as you see them walking away.


You have a skin disease
When you are a festival, you may often get stared at or walked up to. This can be avoided by acting as if you have a rare skin disease. People may feel coming closer to you might infect them. This works well when you would like to spend some time with yourself.


These are a few tips to say no to dating politely.

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