How to Make Her Want you in Bed

make her want you in bed

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4th date and you still haven’t managed to get to the next step? Well, maybe you’re making the wrong moves. You may have shown her your sweetest and funniest side but being desirable emotionally and sexually are two entirely different things for women. You need to stimulate her M spot (mental spot) first, before you can get to her G spot. Here’s how you can make her want you in bed.

1. Make her feel girly

While you are being all funny and sweet in the conversation, make sure to bring out her feminine side. A lots of men tend to be neutral and then just end up being the good guy friend in her life. Don’t make that mistake. Conduct yourself in a way that reveals your masculine side. Talk in a deeper voice, be in control of the situation. Its best to start off with a firm handshake that lasts a tad bit longer while you gaze into her eyes so she knows you will take charge.

2. Flirt without sounding desperate

Flirting is an absolute essential if you want to be more than just her friend and make her want you in bed. Flirting in the right way is a skill few have mastered over the dating years. The key is to not sound desperate. You don’t want her to think sex is all you’re thinking about. That’ll make her take a few steps back. Be light, flirty, and naughty and keep the conversation flowing above and below the belt simultaneously so she stays interested. Remember, the spark is absolutely necessary. The more invested she is in the conversation, the more likely she is to respond to your flirts and as a result desire you more.

3. Caress her insecurities and make her feel sexy through your words and actions

This is no secret that most women are insecure about their appearance. You’ll seldom find a woman who’s happy with her looks and here’s where you come in the picture. If you really want to make her want you in bed then make her feel beautiful, more importantly sexy. Use your words and gestures to soothe her insecurities while using words like sexy, beautiful, and gorgeous. Focus on specific body parts so she knows you’re not just being generic. Compliment her lips, her neck, parts of her body that indicate your sexual interest in her subtly without being too blunt or cheap about it. Let her know you find her sexually attractive.

4. Make gentle, brisk hand or leg brushes

Not many men rightly understand how to seduce a girl. Starting with the handshake, frequent body touches make a lasting impact. While walking alongside, brush your hand lightly to hers. If you’re sitting at the table, make your leg touch hers, attempt to move her hair from her face with a soft, yet firm brush of your hand while gazing intently into her eyes. These little things, if done at the right moment can prove to be very seductive to her. Keep the touch very brief so she is left wanting for more.

5. Build up sexual tension (don’t be too easy)

This is the last but not the least and extremely important step. You’ve got to keep her on the edge. Sexual tension will not just make her crave it more but she won’t be able to stop thinking about you and might even make the first move then. Hold the eye contact and look like you’re going to kiss her but don’t. Kiss her at the end of the date but keep it very brief. Pull away a little unexpectedly to make sure she leans forward for it. Let the flirting get sexual so the tension builds and she can’t think of anything else but finding a release for it.

More than anything, it is important to be respectful at all times. Sex is a natural part of life and dating but at no stage of seduction should she feel like she is being treated as an object or that you simply are trying to get into her pants. Be respectful, be honest while you use these seduction tips and let your hormones do the rest.

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