5 Ways to Deal with Live Webcam Addiction

live webcam addiction

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Online chatting is a fun activity if you find the right people. If you live alone and don’t have much to do after work, then getting online and chatting with people seems like a good use of time. However, chatting online can be addictive. You get used to chatting with different people and you don’t want to stop at all. Some have faced this live webcam addiction and are there at that spot, missing important events to chat online.

There are various reasons why online chatting could be addictive. It may be that initially you had nothing to do and started chatting and then got too used to it. You could also do it because you find acceptance and validation in that chat group. People often log on to the best webcam sites because they are addicted to talking to the person or the acts performed by them. Some live cam sites that offer cam girls are liked by men for obvious reasons.

Many get compulsive when it comes to online interactions. It is addictive when your day to day function is affected by it. Here are the ways to deal with it.

Identify Triggers –Try to determine when you feel the need to chat online. Every addict has a trigger that causes them to pick up a habit. Spend some time to identify the factors that push you to chat. Different emotions can push a person to chat compulsively. For some, it maybe a way to soothe themselves. If a person is depressed or is having a rough time, they are more inclined to get the urge to chat. Remember that there may be other healthy ways to deal with issues without logging on to the internet.

Recognise underlying issues – Addiction doesn’t happen without warning. People get addicted to a thing due to various reasons. Try to find out the stressors that are causing you to seek affirmation online. People can develop online chatting addiction to cope with issues like mental illness.

Channel emotions – You can look for other ways to channel your emotions. You could be a shy person and don’t open up easily because of which you don’t have friends and feel lonely. This may drive you to seek company online. But try to socialise in real life. Make small talk with that barista you take coffee from or make an acquaintance with a neighbour. If you are stressed, try meditation and breathing exercises instead of distracting yourself by going online.

Set goals – Set goals for yourself to try and stay off the internet. Make sure your initial goals are small and reasonable so that you can slowly wean yourself off the habit. Schedule times when you can go online. For example, 2 hours at night only. Stay offline for the rest of the time. It may be hard at first and you may need help. You can look at apps that block your access to the internet or take the help of a family member who can shut down your PC for you.

Make real-life connection–Instead of seeking virtual friends, try to make real-life connections. Try family members, relatives, friends or neighbours. Try to spend time with them, make plans with them. Get involved more in your community. Volunteer with groups and spend time doing something good for society. Or join clubs that focus on something you like. That way you can attend meetings in your free time, instead of going online. Reach out to people whom you haven’t contacted for a long time. Talk to them and make plans to see them.


Online chatting isn’t bad, but an excess of anything is never good. This is what an addiction is like. It’s an excess of something. Sitting for hours in front of your computer and isolating yourself from the world isn’t healthy behaviour. These tips for live webcam addiction can be of help surely.

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