How does Today’s Generation Handle Intimacy

Handle Intimacy

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In today’s generation being intimate with someone is as easy as picking up your favorite pack of chips. You have too many options to be tried and rejected. You may enjoy the flavor of your temporary favorite chip at that point but often, it does not take long for you to be attracted to something new. This is how today’s generation handle intimacy nowadays and deal with it.

In this entire process of prioritizing hooking up over being in a serious relationship takes a lot away from building a decent character. A character that is empathetic, helpful and responsible. The responsibility is not just the maturity of handling their own feelings but also being considerate about their partner.

If you are amongst the ones who are still trying to decode their feelings by finding happiness is temporary muses, here is a list of ways to handle intimacy in a relationship better;

Don’t be afraid to connect
We are in a generation wherein we connect with people more on their character or soul level than just shallow appearances. These connections help you feel intimacy at a deeper level. These connections are not defined by physical attractiveness but the entire vibe that you get from someone. This can also be the case for a mature relationship when you go against the whole world to be with someone who is 20 years elder to you.

Explore new things together
The best way to handle an intimate time with your partner is by keeping an open mind. This means that you must convince yourself that you shall be able to experience new things. You should be willing to explore every part of their body and allow them to do so with you as well. Apart from exploration in bed, you can also try doing things you have never done before to feel the thrill of being with someone different and acknowledging the change that happens in and around you.

Prioritise your partner
In today’s day and age, we are often caught up in our hectic schedules. It does not allow you to enjoy life at its best but rather find happiness in small packages. These packages are like a great night you spent with someone very interesting but never got back to them because you were so busy. At such times, time management plays a vital role. Give yourself time to feel this happiness for longer. Go out and have a drink in the afternoon. Join a Zumba class because you hate the gym. Do something new but with your partner.

Open your heart and mind
If you come from a relationship that has scarred you for life, it will be very difficult for you to address intimacy. At such times, a meditation that helps you listen to your inner voice and catch the vibes of someone who makes you happily play an important role in the healing process.  Keep your mind open to experimentation. Keep your heart open for someone to come and reside in it for a longer duration than just a one-night affair.


With these simple tricks, you will be able to handle your intimacy effectively.

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