Understand the Difference Between Physical and Emotional Intimacy

physical and emotional intimacy

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As humans we are filled with emotions. Emotions that needs to be expressed either in gestures, communication or sexual ways. We can effectively express ourselves to someone only when we have some level of faith in them. This faith is based on the level of trust we can expect from them.  This trust plays a major role in defining the nature of our relationship, either physical or emotional intimacy.

The major difference with physical and emotional intimacy is the varying levels of trust on our partner. If we feel vulnerable and unsafe when we communicate with our partner, our intimacy with them will be limited to having a good time in bed. There will be no strings attached. On the other hand, if we feel emotionally close, the sexual experience will also be deeply experienced in the comfort of their arms.

To understand the difference between physical and emotional intimacy, here some key elements to help you make the difference;

Different levels of intimacy
Every individual has a different level of intimacy. It is very subjective in nature. People who prefer to detach themselves from emotional burdens or the efforts that come along with commitment are happy with physical intimacy. But the one who are looking for a partner who shares their life with them and enjoys time beyond the bedroom prefers emotional intimacy. In an emotional intimacy, both parties can share deeply about how they feel either about each other or the world in general.

Building the connection
To build any kind of intimacy, building a connection is a must. This process is similar to scouting when you are about to start dating. The excitement needs to be intact through out the process that can either land you in bed with someone or their heart. When you want to know about how to be intimate emotionally, you need to have commonality with them that leads to exciting conversations. Whereas, when you want to learn about how to be intimate physically, all the above are not needed. Its just experience and skills that take the crown away.

Vulnerability is a must
When it comes to building physical and emotional bond, vulnerability is a must. With vulnerability and the act of feeling safe with someone helps build intimacy. If you feel your secrets are safe with someone and you can talk to them about anything under the sky, you are bound to be more emotionally inclined towards them and vice versa.

Communication is the key
As humans we need to communicate with each other whether we like it or not. When it comes to building intimacy, communication with your loved one, as boring as a workday talk it may be, helps build it. This is because, your cosmic connection does not end inside the bedroom. It widens its horizon towards a potential safe future together when you talk them through the happenings of your life and patiently listen to theirs. This emotional support leads to a stronger bond in bed and beyond.

With the above points, you have learned the difference between the two types of intimacy to help you make great life decisions.

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