Should an Emotional Person Get Indulged in a Hook Up?

get indulged in a hook up

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We live in a narcissistic world. Unlike the older times, we are asked to proud of everything that we are. If we are chubby, we must be proud of our curves. If we are emotional, we must be proud for having too many feelings. But being emotional does not make this process of acceptance easy. Our emotional leave us anxious and makes us do things that we might not be proud of. This leaves us with the mere thought that should an emotional person get indulged in a hook up. The idea of a hook up can be very attractive to an emotional person. It comes with no stress of commitment, lack of vulnerability and trust. But being emotional, the question to be asked here is that can we avoid being so strong to not have these feelings.

Therefore, here are a few hook up tips for an emotional person to help them have a good time with their temporary partner without having their heart broken;

Maintain your priority
One the top hook up advice is to ensure that your priorities are maintained throughout the course. It is very difficult to lose your path when you find someone attractive. You may find yourself going out of your way trying to please them to have a good time, but this can have an effect on your overall life. If you are a student, you must ensure that you dedicate enough time to your studies as you do to meeting up with someone.

Find ways to divert your mind
The first item on the to-do list for hook ups is to find ways to divert your mind every time you feel you are falling for someone. To begin with, be practical and evaluate your hazards properly. When you find your heart taking over logic, its times for some mind games. If you have a hobby, indulge in one thoroughly. If you don’t, create a new one.

Attraction to vice
Another top hook up tip for an emotional person is to stay away from vices. It may happen so that the person you were casually hooking up with is now in your love radar and you are finding it hard to tackle. Such situations of expected rejections can lead to attraction towards vices such as alcoholism, drug or sexual addiction. These addictions are harmful in nature which you may not release in the current situation but can cause adverse effects on your and your family in a long run.

Find a shoulder to lean on
The best way to deal with a hook up is to keep it casual. Find it as a way to release your tension temporarily and get back to reality, energised. If you find yourself stuck in a situation wherein a hook up has the potential of developing deeper, you must confide in someone who is close it you. It can be your best friend or a cousin but talking to someone may give you a new perspective of tackling these emotions efficiently.

With the above tips, an emotional person can get indulged in a hook up without getting their heart broken.

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