The Best Tips for Having First Time Sex

First Time Sex

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Are you planning to have sex for the first time in your life? Are you having jitters all over? Do not worry. It is normal. However, it is important to understand that there is no wrong way of having sex. All the ways are the right ways. The only thing is that first time sex should be consensual and safe. If these two needs are met, you are doing everything right.

However, it is okay to feel nervous. Just embrace the awkwardness and you will be fine. You need to understand that sex can be awkward if you are doing it the 100th time too. It really depends on your partner and the mood you are having. You need to understand that you will be smashing your clumsy body against someone else’s clumsy body. There are going to be weird noises as well. Thus, the key is to relax and enjoy the process.

Do not fake an orgasm

A lot of women do this but, this is the worst. Just to make you man feel like one, do not moan at every touch. A lot of your friends must have advised this to you, but it is really not worth it. Also, if he knows that you are having sex for the first time, he will probably guess you are faking it.

Apart from that, it will become difficult for you to communicate your needs to him later on. If you are indulging in hookups or a relationship, being able to get an orgasm is an important thing. You will figure it out after you start having regular sex. The best thing to do for the first time is expressing what you feel.

Ask a lot of questions

You will have to communicate with your partner. Do not act cool and show that you know it all. That attitude is going to lead you nowhere. Also, ask your partner what does he/she wants you to do. Looking at porn films and reading articles is completely different than having actual sex. Hence, asking questions is key.

If both of you are having sex for the first time, then you might want to discuss and play along. Just try different things as per your knowledge and you. It will surely lead to something. However, it will be better if you are having sex with someone who is more experienced than you. In this way, you will learn different things.

Sex should not hurt

A lot of women have a misconception of sex being hurtful. Please understand that it can be awkward or uncomfortable but not painful. A lot of women feel like their partners have to penetrate them like a brick wall.

Please understand that it should not feel like this. You should stop your partner immediately if it feels like that. This might happen if your partner does not know how to finish it off smoothly. At the same time, if your vagina is burning while having sex, you must see a gynecologist. You might have a medical problem which is known as vaginismus. It is difficult to insert anything in the vagina in such a situation.

Do not compare your experience

You need to understand that everyone has a different experience. You should not compare your experience with your friend’s experience. Also, do not beat yourself about the things that did not go well. It is not your fault. Such things happen in random dating. Once you get comfortable with someone, you will surely perform better.

At the same time, if you are indulging in a hookup for the first time, do not feel bad about yourself. Sex is a common need and if you are not able to get into a relationship, it is completely okay to have sex with a friend or acquaintance.

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