New trend of dating in Canada

new trend of dating in Canada

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Did you know that more than 50% of Canadian young adults are registered on dating sites? Did you know that Canadian youth are known to be experimental with dating and a generally fun and open-minded class of people? Well, now you know. And just like that, we are also going to tell you about the new trend of dating in Canada that you ought to know. So, let’s begin.


The most common trend that has been on a rise since the past two years is exploratory dating, also fondly known as ‘Explori-dating’. Post the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone was hit by the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and YOLO (You Only Live Once) fever. So, the trend started to explore one’s own likes and dislikes sexually. Sexual preferences started being experimented with. During this time, the concept of ENM, Ethical Non-Monogamous dating started rising to popularity.

According to a survey, more than 30% of Canadian young adults are willing to try open relationships that involve multiple partners. The partners could be involved with each other either just physically or both physically as well as emotionally. People believe it gives them freedom to explore their true sexuality by being with multiple people. And these multiple partners need not necessarily be of the opposite gender. Homosexual, bi-sexual, transgender, etc. types of dating are being explored by the youth who believe that unless you date a certain type of person, you won’t know if you are into them or now.

Intentional dating

When it comes to dating, the youth (or even the older folks) are done messing around. A very popular trend of intentional dating has started in Canada, post the pandemic. In this trend, people already know and have decided firmly what they want from the relationship. They only go seeking that which they want. For instance, there are several young adults on ENM Dating App, where they make it clear that they are looking to date, or hook-up or even marry. Yes, you heard that right, Canadians are not wasting any more time in trying to ‘figure out’ what they want. They already know and they aren’t afraid to ask for it.

Long-distance relationships

The pandemic got everyone used to living behind a screen. Being stuck at home for almost two years allowed people to connect to the outer world only through the internet. As we got more and more comfortable with the virtual world, people began giving long distance relationships (LDR) a chance too. It has been seen, especially in Canada, that young couple are considering dating people from other cities, states and even countries.

The horizons seemed to have widened and no one wants to let go of a good partner simply because of the temporary physical distance. Looks like the new normal has had at least one strongly positive effect on the dating trends. It has been seen that LDR’s help young adults focus better on their careers and personal life as they are not obsessed with physical intimacy with their partners owing to the physical distance in between. It also gives couples a chance to explore each other emotionally, sentimentally, and in ways other than sex.

Designer Dating

Another emerging new trend of dating in Canada is people specifically looking for people to fulfill their needs. One might want a partner with financial stability, good sexual stamina, and appetite, sharing the same hobbies, etc. However, since there is no guarantee that one can find all this in a single person, people these days use dating sites to hunt for prospective partners with matching traits. This is known as Designer Dating.

Dating trends change every decade. For now, people are finding it liberating to pursue non-monogamous relationships as it lets them explore, which seems to be the primary need of the Gen Z. We hope this will help you in some ways if you decide to visit Canada soon.

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