Why Does First Love Often Not Last?

first love

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Let’s start with the things your first love reminds you of are its bitter sweet memories? Is it guilt for not being logically and wasting that time of your life? If yes, you are among the majority of the population on the planet that has fallen in love before. First love or puppy love as few may call it, is an idea, we have fallen in love with, not an actual person. The idea that relates to the movies we are inspired from or even people in our environment like our parents. We want to be idealistic, finding the right one that sticks around for the rest of our lives. We daydream of conquering the world with free flow of cash or kissing in the rains with a beautiful melody in the background.

With these expectations, we begin our relationship just to realize that most of that wasn’t true. Being human, we lose interest in the person and feel that we have failed ourselves by not being able to give to this relationship, properly.

But as time goes, we still wonder what went wrong. And therefore, today we shall unveil the reasons for first love failure;

Opposites attract with friction
We have often heard this famous saying that ‘opposites attract’. Well, not in real life. It is all exciting to discover something new in your first love but when we have explored it enough, the novelty dies down. Its like when we travel, we love to try new cuisines but at the back of our mind there is nothing like comfort food at home.

Too many pressures
One of the biggest reasons we hurry in to our first love experience is due to the environmental pressures. The pressure of being fifteen and having our first kiss. The pressure of turning eighteen and loosing our virginity. All of these pressures do not give us the time to think and make the right decision. We jump on to the first attractive option we see in our little world and try to make the most out of it.

We all evolve
As humans, change is the only constant thing in our lives. We all continue to evolve as we grow up and older. We transform in to more mature and logical human beings who have seen the world better and are capable of making better decisions. Before all of that occurs first love. As we grow older, we start disliking who hey are and we are in sticking around with that person, with which comes the decision of moving on.

Priorities are different
When we are engaged in an immature first love relationship our priorities are different. We tend to focus more on uncomplicated things such as going out to grab cola and coming back to home to complete an assignment. Life is simpler. But as we grow up and see the world better, we are hurdled with many more complicated things such as job pressures, financial issues, parental problems etc, leaving that unevolved love affair behind.

These are some of the reasons why first love fails leaving to experience life better.

Author: Ankita Kanta

Ankita enjoys to pen down harsh realities of relationships and its bitterness from personal experiences. Her work is not just related to it but it diversifies to other niche like travel and hookup experiences.

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