5 Things to Avoid Talking About if You are Dating a Stranger Online

Dating a stranger online

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Dating a stranger online is very exciting. You get to know too many new things about the person, new stories, new experiences, new places, etc. We always focus on the things to talk about in a conversation that will attract the stranger, but wait a second. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to know the things to avoid talking about in a conversation? Of course yes. So here are the five things to avoid when talking to a stranger –

1. Using informal slangs – Being over-enthusiastic in a conversation can be unattractive sometimes. People need some time to get familiar with any person to hold a casual conversation in which you can use slang. It can create awkwardness between both of you for a while. Nobody likes to involve slang words unless the other person is a friend or someone whom they know for a brief amount of time. Using informal words is considered way too cool and cheesy, to begin with. For example – You can use hey! How are you doing? Instead of Yo! Wassup?

2. Not so formal – Texting a simple Hi can be equally useless. People don’t give much attention to such naïve messages. You cannot expect people to reply and start talking about themselves after looking at this type of approach. Using formal language also shows that you don’t want to make any effort or you are just lazy. Being formal in your dating approach will never give rise to interesting and engaging conversations. People really find it boring when approached by formal sentences online. There is no fun at all. Slow flirting can be helpful.

3. Commenting on the body – Commenting on the person’s body initially can be too mainstream like – hey, you look so beautiful, you’re eyes are so attractive. The stranger is going to think that if you can comment on their body, this fast then you are probably sending these messages to 10 different people too, at the same time. This is not at all special for a stranger.

4. Don’t talk about mainstream topics – Extending the above point, don’t talk about too many mainstream topics such as the most recent movie, the most famous web series, etc. Instead, talk about very personal things which include describing your day, narrating an experience, etc. Starting out a conversation with the mainstream topics is okay but as you progress, narrow down your talk to a more personal level. Endless options provide tips and tricks to date a stranger online and helps you in finding the right partner.

5. Remember things – Asking the same questions even for the second time can be off-putting while dating a stranger online. You need to remember basic things such as their age, location, profession, etc. People really think that you don’t pay attention while listening to them when you ask a question that has already been answered before. Another conclusion a stranger can make is that you are probably texting too many people including them and got confused.

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