How Teenager and Adolescence Crush Differ from each other?

Teenager and adolescence crush

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A crush is more than an assumed world notion of a temporary attraction. The intensity of feelings for someone we are attracted to differs at different age. In our teenage years, we may have a crush on our classmate, a celebrity or even a guy in the bus we have never met. The reason these crushes exists is because at that age our hormones have a stronger role to play than our mind and heart. We like someone would like to idealise or hold a position of value such as the random guy in the bus who helped an old woman. Though we don’t understand difference between teenager and adolescence crush when it happens all of a sudden but later on we realise it.

As we grow older, our maturity increases and our perspective of the world changes. We are attracted to people who are more like us in reality or we at least feel that they are. We feel happiness every time this person walks into the room and the hope to know them better. We want our feelings to transform into a long course of reliability and sexual attraction. An adult crush can be fatal too as our feelings are stronger than a teenager and may lead us to do things that we might not be proud of later.

Today we shall discuss the difference between a teenage and adolescence crush in detail to help you understand better;

Teenager crush

When it comes to teenager and adolescence crush, the major thing that creates a differentiator is the purpose of its existence. Teenage crush also known as identity crush is experienced by a young adult who feels the societal pressure to be in a relationship and build an identity for themselves. They usually have a crush on someone who holds a certain status in the environment they are in. Like for example, majority of the girls have a crush on boys in the football at school. This is because they would like the association with someone powerful. A teenage infatuation grows out of sweet nothing moments of niceness. They can develop into temporary relationships till their priorities are sorted such as education or career. They also have a high probability of breaking up as their paths divulge after a sense of realisation.

Adolescence crush

When it comes to teenage crush versus adolescence crush, it has been noticed that the intensity of feelings is way stronger in an adolescence one. As also known as a romantic crush, these feelings are often experienced by people of a certain age who have achieved some level of mental maturity. These kinds of crushes bring in a lot of anxiety to achieve levels of calm. Along with anxiety comes fear. Fear of rejection if the person you have a crush on insults you. The fear of embarrassment, if you end p doing something stupid to please your crush. To avoid these feelings of anxiety a powerful tool has been decoded, language. The language with which we talk to ourselves as well as crush makes a lot of difference in the perspective. For example, instead of telling someone ‘I love you’ after a few weeks of friendship, instead try to tell them ‘ I like hanging out with you’ These simple words make a lot of psychological difference for the opposite person, showing you as a non-clingy respectable and reliable person and for you a strong person internally who can handle his feelings.

These are the major differences between the Teenager and adolescence crush.

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