Simple Ways to Get Over a Crush

get over a crush

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The idea of having a crush comes from a very brutal truth that you like someone who does not like you back. You daydream about having your babies with them, when they don’t even know that you exist on this planet. Having a crush is healthy for your mind. It keeps your hormones growing and helps your stay connected with your feelings. But when a simple crush can turn in to a fatal attraction, you need to seek help to get over a crush that drains you emotionally.

Here are a few tips on how to get over your crush and lead a happy normal life;

Feel Special

Everyone has their release moments such as cutting bangs or getting a tattoo. If you have a moment of release that allows you to let go of your feelings, do it right away. This moment will bring you back to reality and help you get over a crush.

Feel your feelings

We live in a world of acknowledgement and your heartbreak needs the same respect as feeling powerful under a size 40. Give yourself the time and space to fully experience what you feel and then let go. If this means hosting a funeral is one of ways to let go of your crush and find your release, do it.

Spill your feelings

Having giggles with a friend on checking your crush out is one thing and bottling up your pain another. Spill your heart out to a friend who can give you valuable tips on how to get over my crush efficiently.

Stop talking about them

One of the best ways to forget about your crush is by not talking about them. This is also includes instructing your friends to stop talking about your crush all together. This works as a great tip on ‘how to get over your rush fast’. You can also instruct them to take you away from all the sites where they can possible exist and give you are heartbreak with their mere sight.

Give yourself a pat

Don’t forget to appreciate yourself for letting go of someone who isn’t worth your attention. Identify your pros and shout it out in front of the mirror to make you feel awesome again about yourself. Yelling, ‘I am kickass’ is one of the proven ways to get over a crush and be friends with the hot neighbour.

Distract yourself

The best way to get your mind away from your crush is by distracting yourself. This can be done by taking a vacation away from that person or taking up a hobby. With a hobby, you will learn new things which can help you in the future and efficiently get over the person you are infatuating over.

Stop stalking

Stop stalking your crush’s social media accounts immediately. Stalking someone brings nothing but heartbreak. It will make you feel miserable about your awesome life and bring you down the road of unhappiness and anxiety.

Limit contact

if you are in touch with your crush and they have shown disapproval of your feelings, it is best to stay away from them to avoid another heartbreak.

With these simple tips you will be able to efficiently get over your crush.

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