Candle Light Dinner in Amsterdam for couples

Candle Light Dinner in Amsterdam

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If you are in the mood for romance, you should plan a dinner date for your partner. There are plenty of places for Candle Light Dinner in Amsterdam. The Dutch capital is well-known for its creative art, scenic canal and waterways, cobbled streets, gabled houses etc. Seeing it, couples in love often get mesmerised. For an unforgettable dinner date, you must pick any of your favourite from some of the best restaurants in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is considered super romantic for the couples dating and as you know, the city is the place of romance, style and class. To nurture your love, Amsterdam has some of the best places in all the seasons year-round. The savoury food, the scenic view can let you create some memorable moments with your significant other on a Candle Light Dinner in Amsterdam. The tasty meal has always known to be the crown of the day.

Memorable Dinner Date in Amsterdam

No matter what your taste is, there are plenty of options to choose from and things to do in Amsterdam. To impress your partner, you must visit some of the romantic restaurants in the city.

  • Visit Stork

For a great meal, the stork is a place to go. A former factory has turned into a restaurant which serves amazing lobsters, oysters and some of the delicious seafood. For vegetarians, the restaurants have some sumptuous dishes on their menu. Try to choose a seat that is facing the river and enjoy the candle light dinner.

  • Must-visit De Belhamel

It is located in the picturesque junction of Amsterdam, Brouwersgracht and Herengracht. An idyllic restaurant with peaceful environs and the best place to go on a romantic dinner date. The original art of Nouveau features often wows the guests and the savoury food can take you on a gastronomic experience.

  • Something as fresh as De Kas

Freshly cooked food as per the custom requirement of customers is a key highlight of the place and is being served to you directly from their garden to the kitchen. It is one of its own kind located in Frankendael Park in the greenhouse area of the city. It deserves to be on the list of most romantic restaurants.

  • Van Speyk

When it comes to a romantic night out, this restaurant holds a firm spot on the list. For locals as well as visitors, the restaurant has its own charm to lure them and let them relaxed in the brasserie-style. The couples can enjoy the amazing and mouth-watering French-influenced dishes like duck confit, seared scallops etc.

  • Vinkeles

The Michelin star restaurant serves some of the best and delicious French dishes. The chef Dennis Kuipers can serve you and your beloved with some of the signature dishes prepared from a traditional and modern mix of French art and twist. Pommes Tsarine, Anjou pigeon etc. are some of the quality dishes on the menu.

  • L’invite’

If you want to enjoy sightseeing which enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner with your beloved, the L’invite’ restaurant is the place for you. It portrays the life of former trading capital and life of Amsterdam at its finest. The fine-dining restaurant is the perfect spot for Dutch food and you must try the famous 7-course tasting dishes on the menu.

  • Le Petit Latin

The Dutch capital has another gem restaurant which can be the excellent pick for a romantic candlelight dinner, Le Petit Latin. It offers exceptional savoury dishes, personalised service and an intimate atmosphere. You will be surprised to find that there is no written menu and the father-son duo, Jacques and Julien Rouet serves a customised meal to their customers. Vibrant coloured painting with French aura fills the restaurant air. The classic French cuisine can make your evening memorable.

You should try visiting some of the must-visit restaurants in the city and enjoy an amazing time with your partner in a relaxing atmosphere.

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