5 Tips to Make Your Hook-up Date Interesting

Interesting Hook up date

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We live a very demanding and fast-paced life. Hence, many people do not have time for a relationship as it requires attention and effort. So, the millennial generation has opted for hook-ups. It is a trending thing as the young generation believes that having fun is a necessity when you work so hard. Thus, if you have a hook-up date lined up and want to make it an interesting hookup date, then read on.


  • Understand the kissing basics

You do not want to turn off your date at kissing only. If that happens, everything else will be awkward and rushed. Also, no one will end up having fun. Just understand that if you are kissing your date for the first time, then always understand that less is more. Even if you are really hot and devoured and want to eat his/her face, then also resist. Also, your tongue should not be in someone’s mouth all the time.


  • Grooming

Well, this is the most important one. Cleanliness is equal to godliness is actually true when it comes to interesting hook-up dates. If you want to give a good impression, then you must focus on your personal hygiene. This is non-negotiable for men and women both. Make sure your underarm is done well. Apart from that, it is important to wax your hands and legs if you are a woman. Make sure to indulge in bikini wax as well. Apart from that, a woman will notice a lot of things. Hence, make sure your nails are clean as well.


  • Understand the sex basics

Do not focus so much on the technique initially. Instead, focus on your sexual confidence. This is something that will attract your partner the most. After that, the technique will not be of so much importance. In fact, with lesser confidence, a great technique will make no impact on your partner. Also, understand that during the process just stop acting and start feeling. A lot of women get caught up in thinking about how they are looking while having sex. Just remember to feel sexy and comfortable in your skin. If you do that, then your partner will also see you in that light only.


  • Understand the manual stimulation basics

This is an important part of an interesting hook-up date. Men should understand to go five times slower while touching her down. You have to understand that it is not a penis. You will have to be more sensitive and softer. If you are touching her with flat fingers, then make sure to be soft and slow. At the same time, even girls need to realize that if you are touching his penis, then make sure to start slow. Do not be too hard and rough in the beginning. The skin there is sensitive and too much tugging is not a good idea. You need to pleasure the muscle underneath and not tug the skin on top.


  • Have fun

Most people get caught up in the technicalities. Sex is not something technical. It is understandable that you might have a hook-up date with someone you do not know properly. Hence, there is a pressure of impressing the other person. However, just remember to have fun. You need to feel confident and be yourself. Do not try and act. In fact, this will create more pressure on you and things can go wrong. There is no need to feel nervous. In fact, just relax and go with the flow.



These were some of the tips for a good hook-up.  Just follow these basics and you will be good to go. These things will actually make your hook-up date even more interesting.

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