5 Ways to Identify your Partner is Cheating on you

identify your partner is cheating on you

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Infidelity or cheating in a relation or marriage is one of the leading reasons why a couple parts ways. Cheating has devastating emotional impacts on the person being cheated on. It is a breakage of trust, which is crucial in a relationship or marriage. The trust is about loving only the partner and not someone else. Physical love or sex should be for the person you are with and not some random stranger you met on a train. We all get sexual urges, but if you are committed to someone then stepping out of the relationship bounds for physical satisfaction is just wrong. In case of cheating the signs are pretty clear, but if you need physical evidence then you may need to hire a private investigator GTA. If you ask a PI, he will tell you that multiple of the following signs is a sure shot way to know that your partner is cheating on you.

Business trips – A business trip could be a genuine one, but if your partner is going on long, sudden and frequent business trips, chances are they are seeing someone else. Unless your spouse has a job that requires travel, like a salesman or a circus, a company will not sponsor multiple trips. Your partner could just be driving over to the next town to see their current flame.

Excess overtime – Often spouses use the excuse of overtime to return home late. When they are not at work and not at home, then where would they be? If they are with friends or family then they have no reason to lie. But if they are indulging in infidelity, then they definitely have a good reason to lie.

Hidden bills – If you find hidden bills and expense receipt that show that your partner has been out somewhere like a restaurant, then there are high chances of cheating. Moreover, if someone is hiding something as trivial as a bill or a credit card statement means he/she doesn’t want you to see it and get the drift.

Excess expenditures – A sudden increase in personal expenditures on a partner’s end could mean that either he has bought something super expensive or is buying a lot of grooming products for himself/herself. A sudden interest in gym and the want to look good, is quite a clue that your partner could be cheating.

Secret accounts – Have secret social media accounts or email accounts is also a sure-fire sign to say that the partner wants to hide something from you. Hiding information on work may not be that important, but if they are making an effort to hide something, then it is most probably related to cheating.

Secretive texts or calls – When your partner got calls early on in the relationship, he/she would take it in front of you. But now find him/her sneaking off to speak in privacy. They have installed a code on the messaging app and the constant ding of messages wake you up at night. This can mean only one thing.

Not liking surprise visits – Everyone loves surprises, when you bring your partner food or a gift. But if you see them getting annoyed when you show up unannounced, then you must ask yourself why? It could be because he/she was planning to meet or call someone else and you showed up spoiling their plans.

These are some of the pointers a private investigator GTA would be looking out for. Also, they can investigate further on the points given above. But apart from these, there are other signs that you can spot on your own. It may seem like an unusual thing at first, but human instinct has always been right.

Long periods of silence – This is a big give away when it concerns cheating. Your partner used to talk to you always but now doesn’t say much. There are no calls through the day, no messages and when you are together there is hardly any conversation. This does mean he/she digs someone else.

They aren’t interested in sex – Sex is a basic need for human beings. And if two people are in a relationship then they can just sleep with each other. But if your partner is showing disinterest towards sex, subtly, then they are getting it somewhere else.

Irritability – If they are constantly irritated and don’t want to make eye contact while talking to you, I could mean they feel uncomfortable and maybe even guilty? Many people resort to such tactics so that you don’t question them too much and they get away with it more easily.

Again, these are tell-tale signs and most who have experienced cheating spouses have had this experience. The only concrete way to be sure of cheating is to get proof of it, where a private investigator can help.

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