5 Ways to Find Self Pleasure Without Cheating your Spouse

find self pleasure without cheating

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Cheating is a sensitive topic for many and for the right reasons. It has a high emotional impact in a negative way which create invisible scars for a lifetime. It has to do with breaking the trust of a person that you have promised to love and cherish. But pleasure some times can cloud a human’s brain. We seek pleasure innately and hence we may not think too much about it. But cheating can break down any relationship and you cheat once or twice doesn’t matter. Cheating takes place due to multiple reasons, but one is getting a high out of it. The high may not last long but nevertheless it is attractive to so many. But if you seek pleasure outside of a relationship and conventional sex, then here are a few ides to find self pleasure without cheating.

Flirt – Flirting can give you a feeling that is close to cheating without actually doing the act.  If there is another person who arouses and excites you then by all means flirt. Flirting can make you feel good about yourself. Especially if you don’t feel good in a relationship. Don’t get enough attention or feel unattractive then flirting can increase your confidence. Harmless joking with a person of the opposite gender can give a high and knowledge that you still have it.

Fantasise – There is nothing wrong with fantasising about another person, even if you are in a relationship. Experts say that this is a good practice as it allows one to live out desires in a safe space. It is a type of release without actual release. Fantasising about someone has similar effects on the brain like cheating. It gives you the same high without actually committing a sexual act with another person. It also means your partner doesn’t get hurt, like they would, in case you slept with someone else.

Sex toys and masturbation – Sex toys are a great way to release tension and get sexual pleasure when your partner isn’t around. Sex is a basic physiological need like food and sleep, so if your partner isn’t around you still can find self pleasure without cheating. There are various sex toys for men and women. Vibrators and dildos are quite popular with women, while sex dolls and silicone vaginas are loved by men. There are different types of sex dolls like Teen sex dolls from sodolls in the market.

They can be used for sexual satisfaction if the female partner is away. Masturbation is also a quick way to release tension by self. I mean really get at it. If your partner doesn’t have a high sex drive then just use your hands. It isn’t the same as seducing a stranger and having wild sex, but it is close. If cheating is about sexual release, then here are two ways to get it without the risk of hurting your partner. You can get a good orgasm without shame and guilt.

Take risks – Take some risks in life if you are really looking for a high in life. Go on adventures with your partner, do something risky, like go to a strip club or a sex club. You will get the same pleasurable rush, like cheating. Doing something taboo in a safe and pleasurable way ensures your long-time happiness with your partner. These risky things will let your brain associate such acts with excitement.

Dopamine–Cheating and excitement can lead to release of dopamine, leading to confidence and excitement. But you can get the same dose of dopamine through other means to feel good. A diet full of antioxidants and tyrosine along with sleep and exercise can stimulate dopamine and make you feel happy. Almonds, avocados and exercise can help in the dopamine department. This is a better way to get a high rather than cheating.

People can find self pleasure without cheating in so many other ways. You need to think a bit and analyse why you have thoughts and desire to cheat. That may give you a clue as to what your body is exactly craving. Is it a desire for spice, excitement, sex or just a high.

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