5 Reasons why sex dolls became popular over the last decade

why sex dolls became popular

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Sex dolls are gaining popularity as more users make purchases. The concept of a “sex doll” is not new, but the type of dolls available in the market has changed. It is believed that one of the earliest concepts of sex dolls comes from 1941 when the doll was conceptualised to prevent the spread of STDs. It could be one of the basic reasons why sex dolls became popular. After that, there have been many attempts to create a doll that would allow men to find sexual satisfaction. There were, of course, the blow-up dolls that were used a while ago and then we got the silicone ones. There are still more tests being held with current dolls to include voice and actions to make sure that the doll is quite human-like. The reason for such advances is the demand and interest that the dolls continue to generate. So why did sex dolls become popular? Here are the reasons.


Sex dolls are different and unique, making it exciting to some men. Plus, it is easier to use a sex doll for pleasure and you may want to explore with it. There is no wine and dine or conversations involved. It is whatever you want it to be. The fascination with the sex doll is one of the biggest reasons why men order it. They want to see what it is and how it works.

Sexy body

This reason may seem anomalous, but surprisingly, the reason why so many men want to try a sex doll is the range of orifices. The majority of the sex dolls have sultry faces with a tiny waist and a big bust. The dolls are made with a “perfect” body that can elicit an attractive and sexual response. Moreover, there are customisation options that allow a customer to get a doll that he likes – that is the physical features he likes in a woman. He can get exactly what he physically desires in a woman and this is what makes it attractive and a big reason why sex dolls became popular.


More often than not, the men who order sex dolls are seeking some form of companionship. In today’s age, it is really hard to find a long-term partner whom you like. More and more choose to live a single life as they are busy and don’t want to go through the motions of finding a partner. The realistic sex dolls give you an impression of a real person. The size, look and body are like a real woman and men often find solace that they have someone. The men can dress them up the way they like and have conversations with them, even though it is one way. They feel that they aren’t quite lonely in their life if they have a sex doll.

Sexual satisfaction

The sex dolls are obviously desired a lot because of sexual satisfaction. Single and lonely men can get the desired pleasure when they are feeling stressed and pressured. They can have vaginal intercourse (almost) because the doll has a vagina with the ridges inside. The dolls are made in a way that guarantees pleasure for men. Be it the breasts, mouth, ass or the vagina, the man can choose pleasure the way he likes and wants.


As mentioned again, one doesn’t have to depend on a woman for sex and one can try new things in the sexual realm. Be it a new technique or a new position, try on the doll and then maybe convince the partner for it. The last point is also focused on health as sexual release is beneficial. It impacts your mental health in a good way and also releases feel-good hormones. You feel chipper and less stressed which are always good.

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