How men view love and express it in contrast to women?

how men view love

In True Feelings by Ankita Kanta,

Men and women view things differently and that is how humans are wired. Perhaps it has to do with what our early ancestors did. The males hunted while the females gathered. And it is this nature that shows up in the different sexes. It has been found that women can differentiate between colours in a finer manner while men are sensitive to rapid moving objects and fine details. That is why women can see lemon yellow or a parrot green, but men can see only yellow and green! That also co-relates to how men view love and feel it.

Men have testosterone receptors in the visual cortexes, the place where images are processed, as such they are quicker than women in observing changes in brightness or recognising faces. And women find colours different from what men see because of how their bodies are made.

So, if women and men actually see things differently, think how different they are in various other facets. We can say that this could be because of genetics, the way the brains are wired and how we have evolved as a species.

Men and women think differently, and this is same in love as well. They see love differently and their expression also differs. Read on to see how exactly they differ in expressing and viewing love, and especially we will see how men view love and express it by comparing it with women.

How men fall in love

While dating, there are a host of emotions a person goes through. Nervousness, excitement and the feeling of being smitten is quite common. It may be love or it may not. Different people fall in love in different ways. If you ask couples when they fell in love, they would probably talk about different moments or events. But here are a few insights on how men fall in love.

Appreciation – Men tend to fall for women who appreciate them. After a while the hard to get game gets old and they tend to go for women who appreciate the small things they do. Stringing a man along isn’t a very healthy way to build a relationship.

Happiness around – Men tend to fall for people who they know are happy around them. They try to be their best version of themselves for that woman. The happiness doesn’t have to do with superficial things like gifts, but genuine happiness through bonding. When a couple bond and are happy with each other, there is a good chance of love.

Complete package – Men tend to look for the total package – attraction, emotion, connection, humour and loyalty. Men work harder and make efforts in things to show the way they care.

Impulsive – Men can do whatever it takes to keep the love they have found. When the light is switched on for them, they will pounce on it and not lose the chance.

Differences in how men and women fall in love

Researchers say that there aren’t too many differences between men and women falling in love, but societal expectations and biology makes the experience of falling love slightly different. There are no rules when it comes to love, but here are some trends to consider.

  • Women say I love you often

Research finds that once a relationship is established, then women are more likely to say “I Love You” more often. This may be because women view expression in words as romantic. Men may say this to ensure that the relationship progresses but may not do so on their own. However, this doesn’t mean that men don’t express love at all. They may do so in other ways.

  • Men may say I Love you first

Men in relationships say “I Love You” before the woman may do so. Research indicated that men fell in love earlier and expressed it faster too. Biology comes in here as women have adapted a cautious and pragmatic view of love. This pattern is around due to evolution.

  • Women focus their love

A study of adolescent males showed that they fell in love faster and frequently. As such teens have the tendency to be in love with multiple girls over time. While girls fixate over a smaller number of guys. However, it all depends on individual preferences, but this is an interesting find.

  • Men experience the love feeling faster

One study found that men tend to fall in love and express it faster than women. The culture may make one believe that its women who fall in love and express it faster, but the study conducted by a dating site suggested otherwise. The reason is biology as women tend to be more guarded while falling in love due to reasons of evolution.

  • Women are less visual

Men can fall in love from afar, with how the woman looks. But women tend to assess love based on physical attraction and various other factors. It may take longer for a man to grow on a woman and they may not immediately warm up to a potential partner. Men may fall in love at first sight, but ladies need some more information. For example, it is common for women to talk to men and developing a rapport before falling in love.

Signs that a man is in love

Men and women express themselves differently and that is no secret. Men may brush the hair strands away from the face or block the sun falling on your face. Women on the other hand are expecting confessions and stronger displays of affection. So, we can clearly see how the two are different. What are signs that the man feels true love for a woman?

Hears and listens – Every time you share a boring tale or uninteresting facts, yet he listens to you. Like really listens, not just nods and accepts, without paying attention. If the man remembers the stories you told him about family or friends means he has been listening. And giving someone undivided attention is a sign of love. Women might take this as a signal to understand how men view love and taking a step ahead.

Ready to fix – He is always there to fix things for you or call someone else for help. But he will be around to help you get things done. The man considers this an opportunity to not only showcase his skills but to show that he cares for your comfort.

Conceding – A caring and loving man will concede and admit mistakes, even if it’s hard for him to do so. He will let go of his stubbornness and agree for a compromise.

Asks for opinions – He will ask for your opinions and have a discussion before making certain choices. He may also just ask for the woman’s opinion in clothes even.

Ready to talk with family – Meeting family or relatives is pretty scary and signals the seriousness of the relationship. So, if he is willing to talk to your family and interact with them means he is serious about your relationship.

Do normal everyday things – A man in love will not just want to hang out on specific days or just go on dates. They will want to be with you on normal days, just chilling or completing normal chores with you.

Thinks the woman is beautiful always – Many women may face good days and bad days with hair and skin. But if your man loves you, he will always think you are beautiful even without makeup and let you know about it.

Fights for love and worries – When you are disappointed or feeling low, your man will not ignore you. He will get your attention and shower you with love. He will do his best to bring back happiness in the relationship. He will care for you when you are ill and make sure you smile on sad days.

Men and women are different, and they may express love in different ways. But the core of love remains same- two people coming together to make something wonderful. That is how men view love and express to their partner to kick start a new phase of life called as Love!

Author: Ankita Kanta

Ankita enjoys to pen down harsh realities of relationships and its bitterness from personal experiences. Her work is not just related to it but it diversifies to other niche like travel and hookup experiences.

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