What are the Disadvantages of Hook up in Today’s Culture?

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We live in a world wherein getting our hearts broken is an everyday practice. We live in the moment without considering the impact it may have on us emotionally in the long run. In the western world, children grow up in disjointed families. They often see their parents fighting or disrespecting each other. As they grow up, this environment grows on them and they become their parents in the long run. Therefore, many adults try very hard to avoid becoming into their parents by hooking up temporarily with their partners. The idea of no responsibility or showcase love at all times can be avoided if you are in a hook up versus a long term or permanent relationship. The disadvantages of hook up come with modern hook up culture.

So, today we shall throw light on some of the disadvantages of hookup in today’s culture to help you feel happy again with a partner who adds value to your life and makes you feel great about yourself;

Makes you selfish
When you hookup with someone, you often think only about yourself. You think about your timely happiness and want to slip out as soon as the excitement dies. This is very unhealthy for your character to grow. You cannot be a better human being and contribute to society if you don’t give back, starting with your partner. The best way to tackle this is by being self-aware and taking measures to avoid such feelings and behavior.

Sets toxic standards
Hookups are often influenced by the fake cultural phenomenon. The standards set by television shows or influencers are not meant for real people. People, in general, admire their influencers and want to be, feel and do like them without the complete knowledge of their paid activity. On television, they watch adult films and extremely pretty women who are often prey to the masochist society. This reflects in their thinking towards their partners. The best way to tackle this is by surrounding yourself with real people who are your friends or family who keep a check on your thought process and encourage happy thoughts.

Encourages bad habits
With hookups comes a lot of bad habits. Often encouraged by heartache, people who are emotionally incompatible turn to drug abuse and alcoholism. A happy mind leads to habits that make you healthy, mentally and emotionally. With the given hook up disadvantages, it is difficult to avoid such bad habits. These bad habits can be tackled with a little help such as a psychologist who can get you out of a bad relationship as a great new human being who is confident to take over the world.

Encourages character degradation
When you are often with partners who have either abused you or made you unhappy, your character starts degrading. You fall prey to bad habits and thoughts. You turn out to be selfish and don’t mind hurting someone you cared for at some point in your life.

With the above pointers, you can keep yourself at bay from the hookup culture and engage in a more real, loving and encouraging relationship.

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