Friends with ex – Pros and Cons to know before you do so

friends with ex

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Breaking up with your partner is bad enough, but remaining friends with them? Now that’s the tricky part. Being friends with ex can be difficult and most of us would not even think of exploring the idea. However, it is not impossible to be friends with your ex. A lot of people, some of whom you may be acquainted with, are on good terms with their ex and a handful of them are thick friends too. It requires a certain level of maturity and understanding to reach there, which may not necessarily be worth the effort for everyone. Being friends with your former partner may seem like a disadvantage, but it has its own pros too. Listed below are the pros and cons of being friends with ex.


Being friends with you former flame would mean having someone who knows you in and out. This person will know your preferences, your likes, your dislikes, what makes you anxious and how you like your coffee. You will have a great friend without going through the initial awkward stage of friendship if you let the past remain in the past

A lot of people find it difficult to get closure after they break up with their partner. Staying friends with an ex will give you an opportunity to talk to them about why your relationship ended with an open mind. You may see things in a different perspective which you were not able to do while you were in the relationship. Sometimes this can really give you the closure you were looking for.

Being friends with your ex can help you see them in a different light and allow you to enjoy their company as a friend. This will also help your common friends to hang out along with the two of you without feeling awkward. You will also get an honest friend who can give you good advise since they know you well.


It’s not easy being friends with ex. Sometimes, the buried feelings may resurface and leave the two of you in an awkward situation or lead to conversations about one of you’ll wanting to get back. Also, a minor argument can blow up and become huge if in case you decide to bring up the past. This will not just be ugly but embarrassing too.

You may have had your breakup for a reason and that reason may be something that you really can’t tolerate or get over. In such situations it is always best to steer clear from texting your ex or being friends with them altogether. If your gut feeling says stay away then stay away.

Being friends with your ex may cause you or your partner to get jealous about your new relationship. If this happens then your friendship will certainly go for a toss. It’s better to stay away from your ex and be in a happy relationship than fester any nasty feelings towards each other which may ruin the friendship.

Constantly having your ex around as a friend may impair your ability to move on with your life. This situation may be best described as something that you do not want to do but are forced to do. For example, being friends with an ex who is also your colleague in office will result in you bumping into them time and again. This can lead to people clinging on and trying to push the relationship when it’s not working.

There is no doubt the being with an ex can be tricky and not everyone’s cup of tea. If you think you are comfortable being friends with ex then okay, but if you are not then it’s better to keep distance. The decision is always yours.

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