How to Know if you are Secretly Crushing on Someone?

secretly crushing on someone

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When you are young, wild and energetic, love happens. You never know, when your try to help someone with their books fallen on the floor, your eyes may meet your ultimate infatuation. This infatuation may develop into deep feelings that you find hard to express. Expression may not be a solid trait for a few, making these emotions hard to understand and tackle. You may feel confused at what’s happening with your body and the mind. The idea of focusing on the most important issue of your life may seem trivial over catching a glance of that special someone. Therefore, today we shall help you tackle your feelings if you are secretly crushing on someone with a few indications to filter and work upon;

Lack of focus
The best way to know if you have a secret crush on someone is if you experience a mere lack of focus. The thoughts of your beloved are constantly on your mind, not allowing you to do anything at all. Your most important matters such as learning or gearing up for the biggest presentation of your career may seem trivial over choosing the best outfit to please them and catch an eye.

Constant thoughts
If you find it hard to stop your brain from thinking about that particular moment when you lost your heart to someone, you have a crush on someone. You spend your daydreaming away, making up all the romantic cheesy Hollywood movie scenarios in your head with someone you have lost your heart to. The best way to get over this is by sending them a quick compliment. It can be over their latest social media post or in a text. If you don’t even have their number, you can always ask a friend for their help to hook you up.

Unstoppable urge
If you have fallen for someone, you will feel this unstoppable urge to do special things and get noticed. If you are introvert one, you can work your way to showcase your love for them by writing secret notes or reaching out to them via a friend. You may also find stalking their social media accounts even if they haven’t updated it for years just to feel great about yourself on being informed about their lifestyle.

Go beyond your way
The best way to know if you are infatuated with someone is by counting the times you have gone beyond your usual way to please them. That horrendous nervous laughter at a bad joke or spending an absurd amount of money on your attire to look great on their birthday can be quite an indication to know what you might be suffering from. The best way to treat this unwanted expenditure is by appearing as cool as possible to them. Let them feel that its just another day to be liked or like someone. This will make their curious and attracted towards you.

With the above pointers, you will find your way around that special someone and gather the courage to make a move towards a better future. It is better to have a clear mindset to know if you are secretly crushing on someone!

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