Confession about falling in love with my science professor

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I was in my 12th grades and my mother were quite worried about my performance in the science subject as she wanted me to take up pharmacy after that and thought that scoring good credits in the science subject would help me further in improving my skill sets. After doing much research, she found out about a professor named Mick who just left a few blocks away from our house. He was taking private tutorials for students who wanted to improvise on their science subjects. I was not very happy with the idea of studying for extra hours after school as it meant that I would have to spend more time with the professor. This is my confession about how I fell in love with my science professor.

I hated the idea of missing out on all the school fun that I was going to have after which the only opportunity I had was to go to any college or university. I wanted this year to be fun as it was my last year together with my childhood and school time friends. But even after refusing multiple times, my mother was adamant about forcing me to take private science tutorials. She had personally invited the professor to our home so that meeting him could change my mind. So, I was waiting with my mom for Mick to arrive and was expecting a fat an old man with a bulged belly to greet me in his rough voice.

But rather I was met with a handsome looking man with toned abs and muscles smiling straight at me which struck multiple chords in my heart. His jawline was perfect, and his voice was so mesmerizing that for a few moments, I forgot about why he was here. When I had zoned out, my mother called me and asked me to sit with Mick and talk to him about studies. Mick greeted me and started talking but I can hardly remember what he said as I was completely lost in admiring his features and his soothing voice. He asked me a few science-related questions and was satisfied that I wasn’t that difficult to work on.

After some time, Mick left, and my mother became curious to know what I felt of the whole idea. Subconsciously I was so happy that I was unable to hide my excitement and straight away told my mother that I am ready to take private tutorials from Mick as he is the best person to help me. After that day our schedule was decided, and I was supposed to go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to Mick’s place to study. Every time I used to go there and just be so lost in listening to him that it was becoming very difficult to focus on studies. But I didn’t want to disappoint Mick, and this was my only motivation to study hard and score good credits.

One day while I was leaving from Mick’s place, I saw a lady entering the house and Mick greeted her with a kiss on her cheeks. I felt very jealous of that woman but then I got to know she was Mick’s wife. This broke my heart but nevertheless didn’t change my feelings for Mick. He was so caring, intelligent, smart, and handsome that I couldn’t help but fall for him. I always studied hard to impress him and this is one of the reasons why I always performed well in my academics. This later contributed majorly to me becoming a doctor. I can never thank Mick enough for bringing about these changes in me unknowingly but still, sometimes I cannot forget how I fell in love with my science professor.

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